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This is an archive of news articles, reviews and blog posts about Frogfoot and it’s partners from external sources:

News Articles

2008-06-06 Blio Local PBX product on the market
2008-05-23 Frogfoot Make bucks off your broadband
2008-05-22 Amobia JHB wireless ring performing well
2008-02-25 Blio SA-born Asterisk PBX now shipping
2007-10-29 Amobia WISPs versus ADSL
2007-10-10 Amobia Six months for Telkom, 3 days for WISP
2007-10-10 Amobia Telkom bungles ADSL, Wisp steps in
2007-09-27 Frogfoot Free WiFi is ‘hard model to get right’
2007-06-01 Amobia Frustrated by lack of choice
2007-04-22 GeekDinner Local bloggers log off for dinner
2007-02-22 Amobia Open source project aids South African students
2007-02-20 Amobia Embedded Linux, wireless connects 50 schools
2007-02-05 Frogfoot The hunt for a Linux PC


2008-05-29 Frogfoot WPCPT3 Report
2008-05-29 Frogfoot Cape Town Wordpress Meet was FANTASTIC!
2008-05-14 Frogfoot Hotspot entrepreneurs spread broadband news
2008-05-14 Frogfoot Earn money “for jam” selling WiFi access
2008-05-13 Frogfoot Frogfoot Wifi, Everyone can earn money
2008-05-12 Frogfoot Get paid to network!
2008-04-29 Frogfoot Thanking Frogfoot
2008-04-14 Frogfoot Frogfoot showcases what Wordpress can do!
2007-11-08 Frogfoot Uncapped Local access
2007-10-18 Frogfoot The first *Camp sponsors
2007-09-28 Frogfoot GeekDinner: Dangerous Drumstick reportback
2007-05-23 Frogfoot Great Frog Support – great ISP!

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Frogfoot Networks is an independent technology company providing innovative internet services and open source solutions for business. Frogfoot’s service offering includes: Wholesale Connectivity, Managed Network Services and Consulting. Frogfoot was founded in 2000 and is based in Cape Town.

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