Our Company Values

Work Philosophy and Principles


10 Company Values:

1. Open and Transparent

We value communication, we like to share our ideas.

2. Build good systems, don’t wait for Perfect ones

Build it, make it work, get it out there. Improve, improve, improve. We like rapid prototyping, fail early, figure out what sucks and don’t do that again.

3. Judge Results, not Intentions

Keep it real. Make a difference, don’t sit and think about it, do it.

4. Show Weekly Visible Progress

Forward momentum. Progress is happiness. Be self motivated. Work is not a place you go, it’s a state of mind.

5. High Impact First

Impact is defined as things that.. are visible to clients, save time, make us more productive, give us a strategic advantage or are in the critical path to completing something of importance.

6. Form and Function

We value good design. It’s an art to absorb a lot of information and complexity and distill it to something elegant and useful.

7. Unique, Quirky and Fun Style

Let’s build cheeky products. Things with personality and a story, things worth talking about. Look for places we can innovate and add value. Be brave, safe is risky. As in nature products and services have to stand out to be noticed. Don’t be a afraid of criticism. Find the next disruptive thing, the next revolution.

8. Open Standards and Technologies

Make the right choices. Open and Free is usually best.

9. Automation is Key

Empower our customers. Give them more control. Let the animals run the zoo!

10. Attention to detail

Keep your eye on the ball. A good experience is all about the detail.

– The Zen Frog